Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The joy of Eating..

I don't know how to handle this nausea. It was getting better, then it came back and was like "Hello, Patty, I'm going to totally screw you over and make you nauseous and want to vomit at the sight and taste of everything, whether you eat or not, you are going to hate food."
And I think at this point, it's possible I might. No matter what I eat, my stomach feels empty, and I eat all damn day. $30 a day on food and it's gone in an hour. What the hell? How is this humanly possible. And I'm rather offended that my body doesn't want to keep the damn stuff in. Organic strawberries? No thanks. Organic hazelnut/cashew butter with organic jam. Nope. Organic smoothies of all types. Forget about it.
I've given up on  the pre-natals. Being deathly afraid of food, the pre-natals could be comparable to poison.
Then, My eldest brother called me today and left what was an obvious "vegan diet protest" message on my phone, but it was funny and made me laugh.
"Hey Tricia, it's Frankie, just calling to make sure you are doing okay and eating enough. Remember you might crave some things you don't want but you have to eat it because it's what the baby wants. Okay, love you. I'll talk to you soon."
I have to remember what my L.Ac told me. It doesn't matter what I eat. This is the most crucial time to view every food item I ingest as medicine for me and this little tiny human being growing inside.
Food is good. Food is good. Food is good.
Food is medicine.

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